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EDevMachine is a professional web design, web development and software consulting firm that has been involved in development projects for companies such as Xerox, Coca-Cola, CBRE, Maxim and National Geographic to name just a few. For 20 years we have been bringing state-of-the-art website development and desktop programming to companies large and small. Our work spans the spectrum - from custom website design to data-driven web applications to desktop programming you will find we have done it all.
Web design is both an art and a science! With the artful use of layout, colors, textures and typography we are able to design websites which are visually appealling - and more importantly - engage interest in visitors. Translating a design into a website that works cross-browser and loads fast requires years of knowledge in the science of web design. As professional design firm we have more than enough knowledge in using (x)HTML, CSS, Javascript, take great designs into great websites.
Custom web development is what we do the most. Using .Net, Coldfusion, SQL Server and MySQL we create unique, high-powered web applications! And smooth AJAX page processing is something we excel at. If you are looking for one-off, custom website development you should contact us today!
For when a web application is not enough we also offer Windows based desktop programming. Since 1993 EDevMachine has been programming applications such as physical simulation programs, finacial charting software and even games! This is where EDevMachine got it's start and we still create applications with C++, C# and Visual Basic.