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EDevMachine can create or redesign your website to pixel-perfect tolerances. Our toolbox is filled with industry-standard HTML and CSS coding knowledge, allowing for cross-browser, responsive web designs that measure-up regardless of web viewer. Unlike novice web tradesmen who add more and more code to achieve the same result, EDevMachine's 20+ years experience results in light-weight, easily maintainable and efficient website designs.
More than an intricately machined website, an EDevMachine custom web design can be polished to a glossy finish. Our expert image editing skills ensures stunning web optimized graphics in high-accuracy, which look great and add the aesthetic web visitors demand. Beyond the static visual appeal of images, EDevMachine can use platforms like jQuery or Flash to create a dynamic, moving web design that users will remember.
Wordpress designs can offer a more affordable website solution for many new business start-ups. Using an off-the-shelf Wordpress theme, EDevMachine can retool the theme to produce a new business website at a rapid pace. EDevMachine Wordpress websites can be geared wooCommerce shopping carts, images galleries, payment processors and more. For rapid website deployment, and EDevMachine Wordpress site can't be beat for cost-effectiveness.