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With over 20 years experience in software development, few other programming firms have as extensive a knowledge in Win32 software development as EDevMachine. We've worked on projects for companies large and small in diverse areas such as financial analysis, scientific/medical (due to our physics background), accounting, graphics & games, to name just a few. In fact, we've been able to create software solutions when others said they were impossible!
We create Windows® applications in a number of languages and frameworks. For speed and power we prefer to use C++ with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), but if you already have a project written in VB or VB for Applications we're well versed in those too! We've been developing software so long that writing fast, "tight" code is second nature!
Most of our software development clients have already had their programs written by someone else, but now want new features added or the software scaled up. Software we write takes full advantage of the OOP paradigm to allow maximum reusablity and extensibilty.